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From Surviving to Thriving: Leveraging the Power of Tapping for Stress & Anxiety Relief w/ Heidi

From Surviving to Thriving: Leveraging the Power of Tapping for Stress & Anxiety Relief w/ Heidi

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From Surviving to Thriving: with Heidi

Leveraging the power of Tapping for Stress & Anxiety Relief and so much more!

We are living in unprecedented times of stress and uncertainty and many of us aren’t sure what to do or how to cope.  Many are still suffering from the fall-out of the pandemic and haven’t yet been able to bounce-back to a sense of peace and safety.  Meanwhile, society teaches us to stuff our emotions and push through the hard times but doesn’t educate us how to navigate our inner world.   And the truth is, when we allow our body to absorb the negative emotion and energy of our hectic, chaotic and sometimes traumatic life it can result in devastating effects; chronic illness, physical pain, mental health issues, a sense of disconnection, deep unhappiness and dissatisfaction to name just a few. 

Fortunately, emerging energy therapies like EFT are becoming widely recognized and available to help us effectively navigate life’s challenges, difficult emotions and give us the freedom to heal and create inner peace and richer lives. 

EFT, or Tapping, is sometimes described as ‘emotional acupuncture’ and utilizes meridian points to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm, to relieve pain and illness, to dissolve fears and phobias and to shift limiting thoughts into empowering beliefs.  It is a powerful tool which can aid in weight loss, addiction recovery and is extremely effective for healing trauma and PTSD.  It can be used to increase test performance, sports performance, stage performance  and to even create success and abundance.

The applications are vast and with EFT now being considered an evidence-based therapy, backed by a body of scientific research, more and more therapists, healers and lay-people are turning to this tool to help them achieve greater success in their career,  their health and their relationships and as a means to enhance personal happiness,  peace of mind and deeper fulfillment in life.

In this 2-hour-workshop you will learn the basics of EFT, how to apply it in your life and experience firsthand how effective it is in relieving stress and other daily challenges.

As a bonus you will receive a mini Stress & Overwhelm Relief e-course complete with an mp3 'tap-along ‘recording to help you deepen your learning from the workshop.

(*Please note this is not an EFT certification workshop that credentials you to work with others professionally.)

About your Workshop Leader

Heidi Garis is a former psychotherapist turned energy psychology therapist, intuitive energy healer and  success & abundance coach.  She holds a master's degree in clinical social work, advanced certifications in EFT and trauma healing and is currently pursuing a PhD in metaphysical counseling psychology.  She also holds numerous certifications in various healing modalities,  is a Reiki Master-Teacher, an Akashic Records Master Consultant/Instructor and Transformational Breathwork facilitator.  She began her journey with EFT over 20 years ago and has been using it ever since for her personal growth and in her transformational work with entrepreneurs, entertainers, empaths and creatives.

Heidi’s passions include her work, paddleboarding, rock balancing and spending time with animals and nature.  She lives in Bucks County, PA with her Brazilian husband, sassy-smart teenage daughter, her Chinese rescue pup Ser Jorah Wigglebottoms and Gertrude the parrot who rules the roost.

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