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Spiritual Mediumship & Intuitive Reading - 30 Minutes

Spiritual Mediumship & Intuitive Reading - 30 Minutes

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Spiritual Mediumship is a practice of connecting with spirits or entities from the spiritual realm. A spiritual medium, also known as a psychic and spiritual world, communicating with departed souls, angels, guides, or ethereal beings. They use their intuitive abilities to receive messages, impressions, or insights from the spiritual realm and relay them to individuals seeking guidance or closure.

During a mediumship session, the medium may enter a state of heightened awareness or altered consciousness to establish a connection with the spirit they are communicating with. They may receive information through various channels, such as clairvoyance (seeing images or symbols), clairaudience (hearing messages or sounds), clairsentience (feeling emotions or physical sensations), or claircognizance (receiving knowledge or insights).

Intuitive readings, on the other hand, involve the use of intuitive abilities to gain insights and guidance about a person's life, circumstances, or future. Intuition is also referred to as the “sixth sense” and involves tapping into one’s inner knowing or gut feelings. Intuitive readers may use various tools or techniques, such as tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, or simply rely on their innate intuitive abilities to provide guidance.

During an intuitive reading, the reader may tune into the energy and vibrations surrounding an individual to gain insights into their past, present, or potential future. They may interpret symbols, feelings, or impressions they receive to offer guidance, clarity, or validation to the person seeking the reading.

Both spiritual mediumship and intuitive readings aim to provide individuals with spiritual guidance, validation, and support. They can offer comfort, healing, and a sense of connection with the spiritual realm. 

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