Working with Jen through Reiki has changed my life and shaped my future. I was going through a divorce and knew I needed help. Using Reiki practices, Jen guided me through my heartache, pain, and reality. I left each session feeling a little better and wanting more so I could continue to grow on this new journey and find my true inner self. Jen has been a lifesaver, and her guidance is one of a kind. I thank God every day for bringing Jenn into my life. She has been by my side every step of my journey. Jen is truly amazing and very powerful. Thank you for helping me find myself and true happiness through Reiki.

- Faith H. (Riegelsville, PA)

I started my Kaleidoscope Angels journey 4 years ago. My journey began because at the time, in my life, I was stuck, sad and felt numb. I was losing my sense of self and my purpose in life.

Jen came to my rescue. I started my healing journey with her and have never stopped. Jen is such a warm, trusting and caring soul who helps you heal and connect your mind and body to be one. I have healed and have become even better than I was, because of Jen. I have learned how to grab the tools she taught me to continue my healing journey and reach my person goals, through all the blessings life brings me.

- Ellen E. (Florence, AZ)

Great energy here!! The owner Jen is absolutely wonderful – super friendly, welcoming, and compassionate. I have been going to Jen for Reiki for over five years now. She has helped me heal various physical injuries, remove energetic blocks, and work through challenging and stressful times.  Jen did a fantastic job teaching me Level II Usui Reiki, and she was also the perfect officiant for my wedding! The gift shop has lots of great stuff -- crystals, candles, incense, jewelry, and more.  It’s always clean and well organized. Just a great place to soak up some good vibes.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!

- Dan M. (Upper Pottsgrove, PA)