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Kaleidoscope Angels

Three Milk Whipfoliant Ageless Cleaner

Three Milk Whipfoliant Ageless Cleaner

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A milky, moisturizing, micro-exfoliating cleanse!

This daily Whipfoliant™ contains natural plant-based micro-exfoliating particles & AHAs to sweep away dead skin – revealing a hyper-smooth, radiant shine after every wash.

Why you'll love it: Experience the milkiest, gentlest cleanse with this daily Whipfoliant™, specially formulated to use with our cult-favorite Three Milk™ day & night cream. Enriched with thousands of tiny plant-based exfoliating particles for rapid cell turnover – revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion after every wash.

Coconut suds provide a creamy foam lather, while the richness of three botanical milks nourish the skin, leaving it soft, supple & perfectly prepped for the absorption of other Three Milk™ products.

99% Naturally Derived   Vegan   Naturally Gluten Free 

 Paraben & Sulfate Free   Animal Cruelty Free

A portion of your purchase will go to the Animal Rescue Mission at FarmHouse Fresh


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